Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nsibidi Journal of Humanities a refereed journal?
Yes. We follow a double blind review process.

Is Nsibidi Journal of Humanities an open-access journal?
Yes. We strongly support the open access initiative and all the articles published under open access can be accessed by anyone with access to the internet. Please visit the Open Access page for more more information.

Does Nsibidi Journal of Humanities publish special issues?
Nsibidi Journal of Humanities occasionally publishes special issues that allow authors to publish articles in other languages such as Igbo and French, and other special devoted to important topics in humanities.

I want to submit my paper to Nsibidi Journal of Humanities, how do I submit it?
All manuscripts are submitted through our Online Mansucript Submission Portal. Please visit the Submit Manuscript page for more information.

Does Nsibidi Journal of Humanities have guidlines for submitting manuscripts?
Yes. Authors are strongly advised to follow the Submission Guidelines in preparing the manuscript before submission.

How much time does Nsibidi Journal of Humanities take in its review process?
The review process is between 8 to s10 weeks.

Does Nsibidi Journal of Humanities require any fee?
Yes. Please visit the Payments page for more information.

Is the Author entitled to a copy of the journal?
Yes. Authors will be entitled to an electronic copy of journal, free of charge.

How can I pay?
Payments can be made with Nigerian Debit and Verve cards, and International Visa and Mastercard Cards. For payment advice and instructions, kindly get in touch with our Support Department - #

What is Payment Code?
Payment codes are used on the Online Mansucript Submission Portal for Nsibidi Journal of Humanities, to permit authors to finally submit their manuscripts. Payment codes are usually received after the Submission Fee has been paid. Please visit the Payments page for more information.

I want to join the review team of Nsibidi Journal of Humanities
Please visit the Reviewer's Page for more information on Recruitment of Reviewers.

When I will get the acceptance letter?
Acceptance letter is provided when a submitted manuscript has been accepted after review. It usually takes a maximum of 3 working days.

When is the next Call for Papers?
Authors can submit papers at any time and it will be published online in the next issue if accepted.

I haven't received any notification even after 10 days of submission!
It is possible that the notification email may be directed to your spam folder rather than your inbox. If this is not the case, we request you to escalate the issue to #. You shall be informed on the status within 24 hours.